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STPM Baharu, Term 2, Day 2

First paper for the day is Pengajian Am. I really fear this term because all we study is only dasar-dasar negara and hence everything in the paper, including the essays, centres on the theme kemajuan negara. And the graph was intimidating too. It is a part where you can get a lot of marks easily, and also the part where it could cost you lots of marks and give you an F. There are only subjective questions this term so you'll have to be good at memorising stuffs. Problem is I'm not good at memorising and that's why I'm so scared. So when I flipped the exam paper, I was flabbergasted. All 4 subjective questions that came out were about dasar that I didn't read. I read two but didn't think they were important, and for one I only read the teras I didn't read the strategy. Graph was fine. It was quite direct and the data are easy to count. Essay was quite tough and tricky but I believe I'll get at least 3 points correct. Anyway, I only hope for at least a B for this term.

Maths was fine. To study only calculus in a term is torturing. Sometimes you'll get confused and instead of differentiating a function, you integrate it. Instead of doing quotient rule, you do by parts. It sometimes really is confusing. Maths is always my strength so I strive to maintain the grade, and I believe I could. I could do all the questions except question 3 c) when I remembered the formula for the volume of the cylinder wrongly, and the last questions for Q7 where we are asked to sketch the curve. The curve looks weird but I really doubt it's a circle. Because a circle does not have a maximum or minimum point, the question says 'curve', and the formula is not the standard formula for a circle. The rest are fine, just pattern banyak-banyak, particularly Q1 about the limits and Q4 about the differential equation.


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