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STPM 2013 First Sem Result

We weren't supposed to be able to check our result by tomorrow, but I guess it somehow leaked.

Anyway, my result is as stated above. It isn't great but it really is better than I expected. I'll probably resit Physics but for others I am really satisfied.

Thank God!


Congratulations on your results! Wow, you got an A for Mathematics. I got a B- for mine and so far, I've a few teachers asking me to resit for the paper but Maths has never been my forte so the thought of resitting for the paper is absolutely dreadful. What do you think? :)

I'll say resit. I'm resitting for my physics anyway because B is a bit too low. I aim for at least B+. How about your other results?

But if you were to resit for the paper, lol I'll advise you to begin studying now. Thinking back what we studied for last year....I'll still shudder on that thought. There simply is too much to learn in half a year. At least you don't have to resit Physics - I would rather resit Maths than Physics. Physics is simply too tough.

finally meet someone who also take stpm (like me). can you tell me how you learn maths? i got B + and i want resit..

understand and apply. the questions can be very intimidating but just use the concepts you have learnt. once what you're doing is right, no matter how weird it is the answer would still be correct. pay extra attention not to make silly mistakes. they can be made very easily when the steps are long but just be careful anyway. i know it sounds easy but it actually isn't, but that really is the way it works. good luck =)

waw..a really good i want to do better in my math.. i so frustated with my result :(

Cheers! We still have 2 more semesters to go! =)

need someone to teach me..huhu..

my god. I really envy you :(
I failed my Maths T & Biology ..

Thanks. Everybody can get a better result! Fight for next two semesters! =) to.. wish have best result like danny.. n wish u luck for next 2 semestr :)

Hi Danny! Congrats :) Can you give me your email? I hope you can share with me or maybe others, your trial exam papers. I'll share with you my trial papers!

Hi, sorry for late reply.
Sorry but I can't share my trial paper because I don't have a scanner to scan them and I don't have the time to type them.

If that so, never mind. I hope we can still keep in touch HAHA so we can share whatever about subjects. What kind of social media do you refer to use i.e. FB or twitter?

ya, facebook:

wow so nice ar the result......
btw danny do u still keep sem 1 stpm papers??
i am new coming-in junior (lower six this year)
i couldn't find 2012 sem 1 papers.....hope u can help me...thanks in advance

try find newly published pelangi sem 1 reference books. they have the question paper with full worked solutions.

oh no,,our teacher buy for us Oxford ace buy pelangi.....

Your result is so good!!!i'm the new student for f6 2013. i heard tat chemistry is very hard for form 6 but still,u got a A- for it!! how u do tat?! could u tell me the way to score well in chemistry?u r good in other subjects too!! brilliant!! if u don't mind could u share me with ur experiences? do u studied for 6-7 hours everyday? pls reply me,thank you...:)

Ya chemistry is hard, I was kinda shock I got A- as well because I remembered I couldn't do one essay last year. Just work hard and study consistently. 6-7 hours a day is too much. It'll overload your brain and you'll learn nothing. All you get is mental comfort that you have learnt something but actually you haven't. 1-3 a day is enough. 5 max a day.

I worked quite hard last year so I was quite glad with my result, but really my result is not considered good yet. Since you're lower 6 this year, work hard ba! Good luck, and wish you all the best! =)

First term chemistry is quite abstract so give yourself some time to adapt yourself with STPM level questions in the first few weeks, then begin to study hard for the rest of the year. Pay extra attention to 2 chapters: Chemical Bonding and Equilibria (especially Ionic Equilibria and Phase Equilibria) because these two chapters are the hardest in the whole semester. Just work hard.

So under the new system there is one paper for written test for each subject?

WOW good results! I fear I might not get results as good as yours even I work hard. Is it true that for science subjects there may come out questions which you haven't seen before?

Lol seriously that result I obtained was only moderate.

Well, sometimes ya questions can be weird. It did last year for maths. I'm the first batch so we'll see what comes out later. ==

so amazing. =.=" seems like i have to be more focus after this. nice ur results... i really hope tat i cn hv such the results...nw I'm very confuse about repeat the sem 1 papers chemi juz gt C only... do u think i nid to retake tis paper again or nt?...or take another subject?... pls giv some suggestion... thx

It depends on you. If you think you should, then take it. I can't give much advice on this because retaking is tough, and to some people it's necessary and to some it isn't. So, you make the decision. =)

thanks! good luck to you! =)

Thanks for replying...sorry that it took me so long to say thank you to you coz' i didn't really have time to open my computer for the past 2 weeks...anyway,ur suggestion is really useful to me..I started my school last 2 weeks...i think all my school teachers are not that good,which make me worry...i didn't understood addmath even my school and tuition teachers taught me(coz' both of them are bad) now,i 'm busy to find a good tuition teacher for addmath..i probably will go for ming yue tuition centre(u might heard about this name b4 ) which near jit shin school...hope that the teacher is good enough..

May i ask u where u hav ur tuition for che,addmath,pa or maybe muet subjects?coz' since i'll have to find tuition teachers in bm,i can get some suggestion from u...i'm desperate for good teachers....

I don't go for tuition because I think they are too expensive, I study entirely on my own. Sorry can't help you with that. But good luck anyway!
Mind if I ask what school you're from?

wow,u don't go for any tuition?! maybe u can do tat coz' ur school teachers r good,but i hav to rely on tuition teachers...mhmm,i'm from chio min...

No, my school teachers suck. For example, my maths teacher enters the class, gives us questions from reference books, then asks us to copy the answers. No explanation given unless we ask, and normally we don't get an explanation because she herself is terrible at maths. Seriously. Worst teacher ever.

Really?! i thought all jit shinn school's tearchers r good,haha...tat's mean u r on ur own? i mean,wow,u could get 4.0 even ur school teacher was math is bad,not so bad,but it's bad...:(...i hav no idea how to improve my addmath...i know ppl say practices will help,but when i do the questions by my own,i don't know how to solve them and it always end out tat i done nth... :(

i worry tat i'll scew up my addmath exam in stpm...>.<

Everyone can study on their own provided they have the dedication. You can too, as long as you work hard. Don't be intimidated by the seemingly unsolvable questions. Just apply what you learn, continue to do it even if it seems weird. Most people screw up their first exam in form 6, so I'll say it's normal to be afraid and it's normal to screw it up. Cheers! =)

Yeah,thanks for ur encouragement!!!! :)

You r a nice person.haha....^.^

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