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STPM Baharu First Term, Day 1

So today is the first day for our first term exam : STPM Baharu. And since we are the first batch, it also signifies that we are the first batch of students sitting for the new paper. Let's go straight to the point.

Section A objective is rather easy. There are about 2 or 3 questions that I can't answer, but overall it's ok. Section B subjective is the worst part. There are only 4 subjectives, and I can only answer one. The questions are way too weird and insignificant to be even expected to be asked.

Here are the questions (rephrased):

1) Bagaimanakah seorang tertuduh boleh dihadapkan ke mahkamah? (4m)
2) Senaraikan tiga elemen penting dalam pelaksanaan Pilihan Raya (3m)
3) Nyatakan 4 fungsi MAMPU. (4m)
4) Dalam perkara apakah perlu Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan merujuk kepada Kerajaan Negeri semasa membuat pertimbangan?

Essay questions were tough as well. Hot topics didn't come out, and the three that came out were very challenging if you didn't read before.

Here are the questions: Upper 6 students who are sitting for Pengajian Am next week can take a look:

1) Kebaikan Pelaksanaan Penetapan Gaji Minimum.

2) Kepentingan Warisan Budaya dan usaha-usaha untuk memartabatkannya. (Sorry but I don't exactly remember the questions. It's about warisan budaya, that's for sure)

3) Sebab Malaysia terkenal dengan barangan kraftangan dan usaha-usaha untuk memajukan industri kraftangan menjadi industri skala besar yang dapat menyumbang kepada ekonomi negara. 

These are the three titles.

The good news is, I finally managed to finish all these questions (15 objectives, 4 structures, and 2 essays) in 1 hour and 55 minutes. 5 minutes before we handed in the paper.

Seriously, 2 hours to complete the question paper is really not enough!!!


if i'm not mistaken the question no. 3 ask the function of MAMPU ,, btw,, wish you very best for physics and math t tomorrow :)

Oh yes, it's MAMPU. I always got them confused. Haha

Thanks. Good luck to you too. =)

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